Home Roasted coffee – Roasting your coffee just right

Home Roasted Coffee

What’s easier than making your own wine at home?

Home Roasted Coffee. When roasting your coffee just right you can achieve excellence in the taste of your coffee. There are so many different kinds of coffee roasters on the market today.

You really don’t have to buy one because you can roast coffee in a frying pan or a popcorn maker. First off you must be sure that your equipment is super clean. You don’t want your coffee tasting like cooked fish or infused with popcorn butter. 

Raw Green Coffee Beans
Raw Green Coffee Beans

What are the first steps in home Roasted coffee? 

First in-Home roasted coffee the process is to use a good quality coffee bean. Remember that when roasted that a lighter roast has more caffeine and is more acidic than the darker roasted coffee beans. 

When coffee roasting you must heat your beans to 223 to 262 degrees. Know there will be plenty of smoke involved when roasting coffee beans. Always use a well-ventilated room or your stoves exhaust fan to disperse all the smoke. When roasting there should be no real odor but you might want to open your windows to help ventilate when roasting.  

Popper Roasting

What’s the best Thermometer for Home Roasted Coffee?

If you using a frying pan to roast your coffee use a higher heat and disable any smoke detectors. Also, you will need a Thermometer and a portable one is the best. A candy thermometer is one of the best. 

Home Roasted Coffee - Delicious
Home Roasted Coffee – Delicious

How to tell your beans are roasting correctly?

In the Home roasted coffee process as time goes on your beans will start to turn yellow and then turn to a brown color. So, depending on what kind of roast you desire a light roast or an extra dark roasted bean your roasting times will vary in length. Longer for a dark roast and of course a shorter roasting time for a light roast. 

Water and oil will be released from the beans as they get hotter. This part of the process pressure will build up within the bean. Large cracking sounds will come from the beans in this part of the process. These sounds are absolutely normal but do not over roast or burn your beans, constantly stir the beans to ensure an excellent roasting. In the roasting process this stage will take place in about 4 to 7 min

Mini Roaster

Inside the bean a caramelizing process will begin as the sugars begin to burn. You must check the color of the beans every 30 seconds. Of course, the brownness of the bean is up to your taste in coffee. 

Home Roasted Coffee
Home Roasted Coffee

With Home Roasted Coffee will I hear more loud cracking sounds? 

If the beans have been roasting for enough time you may hear a second loud crack. After hearing this loud crack your beans will be overdone and very dark. If you continue roasting the beans you will be burning them and removing all the sugars. Coffee made like this would not be enjoyable and most people could not stomach coffee made like this. 

Raw to Roasted
Raw to Roasted

Is there a cooling process after home roasted coffee is done?

Yes, there is a cooling process and its simple just pour your roasted beans into a metal colander to cool down. Jostle the beans a little to help cool them. The skins of the beans will start to dethatch as you jostle them. The skins will need to be removed so use a meshed cooking screen.

You should experiment roasting beans a small amount at a time to understand the amount of time it takes to attain the different levels of darkening. This will help you discover the flavors you prefer. Stop roasting when you’re getting close to your desired color of roast because the beans will continue to roast due to the heat the continue inside. 

Home Roasted Coffee the Right Way

If you do your home roasting using a popcorn maker, you should get a machine that lets you jostle the beans, to keep them from sticking to the sides and the air circulating around the beans. If your using a cast iron frying pan for stovetop roasting you will need to do a lot of stirring and watching the beans for all the changes.

Once the roasting process begins the changes will happen rapidly. When beans cool you can place them into a coffee grinder and make that excellent cup of home roasted coffee you desire. 

The delicious cup of home brewed Coffee
The delicious cup of home brewed Coffee

To find all the Equipment You need go to Amazon.com and find everything to do the best Home Roasted Coffee. Good luck on your adventure in Home Roasting your own coffee and remember if at first you don’t succeed try try again and you will create the greatest cup of Java.