Coffee Roasting -The Excellence of the Roast!

The Roasting

Coffee Roasting and the greatest cup of coffee 

Coffee Roasting is a process of excellence. The most enjoyable thing is a big hot cup of fresh brewed coffee. When you open that can or bag of your favorite coffee every day, did you even think that coffee comes in so many different roasts? Did you know you can make your own home roasted coffee beans? If you want to be in a Java explosion, then buy yourself a home coffee roaster and experience the supreme aroma of fresh roasted coffee. 

Roasting coffee beans is what creates the incredible flavors. This process is similar to making a hand rolled cigar or the making of a fine wine. Some people consider roasting of coffee beans as a supreme art. Many people in the roasting industry describe the art of roasting coffee beans with the same vocabulary as wine makers and wine connoisseurs.

Coffee Roasting shades
Coffee Roasting shades

With coffee flavors it all depends on the roast level chosen which cause the beans to take on different flavor characteristics. The darker the coffee bean the stronger the flavor consequently the lighter the bean and the less flavor it will have. 

Coffee Roasting raw to dark
Coffee Roasting raw to dark

There are four categories of roast 

There are four categories of roast. The darkest roast (Italian or espresso), a dark roast (French), a medium roast (Breakfast), and a light roast (American). Each kind of roast imparts a different flavor and appearance to the coffee beans.  There is a visual difference in beans after the roasting process has been applied.

The American roast produces beans that have a very light color and they appear dry. The medium or Breakfast roast will produce beans that are a rich brown color and will be oily in appearance. A French roasted coffee bean looks very dark and will have a very oily appearance. Last the darkest roast or Espresso produced beans will appear black. 

Colors of Coffee Roasting

Home roasting coffee

Home roasting coffee can easily be completed in anyone’s home with the right equipment. Depending on the roast you desire coffee beans can be roasted in your home in five to fifteen minutes. You can buy green coffee beans (unroasted beans) online form a huge number of sellers. Coffee roaster can also be found online from a number of sellers too. You should always try different kinds of green coffee beans to roast.


The Drum roaster are a very popular coffee bean roaster for the home. Roasting yourself with a quality roaster will give you the perfect finish to your beans. There are many ways that people try to roast beans at home but for a consistent roast every time use a quality roaster to make yourself the best flavored coffee every time. Enjoy! 


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