Cappuccino Basics – Coffee excellence

World Champion Cappuccino

The Cappuccino drink is one of the best!!! 

Cappuccino Basics are simple and easy to do when you know the process of creation. A Cappuccino coffee is espresso coffee with fresh milk and milk foam bubbles burst on the top. The heat of the coffee is insulated for a longer period of time by the burst of foam bubbles resting on top of the cup of coffee.

Cappuccino is a dark brown color and normally served in a porcelain cup. This coffee drink gained its name from the color of the robes of Capuchin monks in the 16th century. Cappuccino is a coffee drink always served in the morning before noon in Italy. Now many coffee chain stores have modified cappuccino into an all-day drink served around the world. 

Cappuccino Basics
Cappuccino Basics

Types of Cappuccino Basics – Cappuccino mixture ratios 

  1. Cappuccino Coffee -Traditional – Espresso with hot foam milk on top. Milk foam thickness about 1 cm. 
  2. Cappuccino Coffee – Chiaro (Wet or light Cappuccino) – In this Cappuccino there is more milk than the normal Cappuccino. 
  3. Cappuccino Coffee – Scuro (Dry or Dark Cappuccino) – This Cappuccino has less milk than a normal Cappuccino. 
Cappuccino Basics – Coffee excellence

How to make a cup of cappuccino  -Compositions 

  1. Roasted bean – 8-10 grams 
  2. Milk – 4-6 ounces 
  3. Coffee cup – 6 ounces 
  4. Cinnamon or Chocolate powder 
  5. Sugar
Cappuccino Basics – Coffee excellence
Cappuccino Basics – Coffee excellence

Cappuccino Basics – Method 

The most important part of making a Cappuccino drink is the milk with foam bubbles. The levels of expertise by coffee artists varies but a skilled Barista will pay close attention to creating the milk foam bubble burst in each type of Cappuccino. There are some wonderful coffee creations out there so start trying them all.

  1. Use one size coffee volume in a cup. 
  2. Heat the fresh milk to 60 Celsius or lower. 
  3. Make milk foam bubbles burst in large enough volume. 
  4. Use a tea spoon to add the milk foam bubbles burst to the top of the coffee until they spread to the edge of the cup. 
  5. Then sprinkle with chocolate or cinnamon powder on top.
The Perfect Cappuccino

Cappuccino Coffee – Iced (Cappuccino “Freddo”) 

The process of the Iced Cappuccino is similar to the hot served Cappuccino but it is served over ice. The glass should be 8 – 12 ounces and tall in shape. Use Ice made from frozen Cappuccino. The pour chilled Cappuccino coffee over the ice and add the burst of milk foam bubbles. Add a straw to the drink so they can sip and enjoy this Iced Cappuccino.

 Cappuccino Freddo
Cappuccino Freddo

Cappuccino Basics – How to drink

  1. This drink should never be stirred with a spoon.
  2. Cappuccino is very sweet so there is no real need to add sugar. If you want it sweeter then use sugar but never use syrups because they don’t mix well with milk. Gently stir with a teaspoon. 
  3. Enjoy smelling the flavor of cinnamon or chocolate before drinking. 
  4. When you finish the drink, the foamed milk should be sticking to the bottom of the cup. If you don’t see this process then the Cappuccino was not made well enough. 
A Wonderful Java Experience
A Wonderful Java Experience

So now you know some of the Basics of making a quality Cappuccino coffee and what to look for in the process. Go check out for all your Cappuccino making needs and enjoy your next cup of Java. 

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